Our Mission



First Court's goal is to make our legal system more fair and just by helping our clients understand, appreciate, and communicate effectively with jurors

We have discovered that the best way we can improve our legal system and aid our clients is through providing access to our software and consulting services for insightful Jury Research and innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

These service lines allow us to inform and shape the legal industry one case, one jury, one mediation, arbitration, or trial at a time. We realize that this impact may be small, but the relationships and care with which we serve our clients and their needs will have a lasting impact.

First Court supports your individualized case needs from the beginning of the case through its resolution. We have helped insurance companies and attorneys nationwide resolve and/or win their cases by providing a high level of insights and technical support.

Whether your case is seeking resolution or heading to trial, First Court will give your team the advantage they need to succeed!

Our Story

mike-reading-ancient-tvFirst Court was founded in 1989. Mike Liffrig, our founder, was confident that by using his litigation experience, he could help people involved in lawsuits save time, money, and stress.

In the 1990s, we built a private courtroom in Houston. We soon found ourselves working with outstanding insurance companies and attorneys from across the country. First Court has now evaluated and resolved lawsuits in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

First Court has always believed in the power of technology to improve and facilitate the settlement process. This belief has continually fueled an early investment in developing innovative technology to best serve our clients. First Court has been doing virtual mediations since 2015 and online jury research since 2013. This early start in innovative technology continues to make First Court a leader and the expert in virtual mediation and online jury research.

Since 1989 we have provided superior insights and resolutions to thousands of nationwide clients and have utilized the feedback of over 100,000 jurors across the country.

We aspire to be the most trusted, innovative, and cost efficient dispute resolution organization in the country.

Our Jury Research & Trial Consulting Team:


Ryan Liffrig

CEO & Trial Consultant


Joe Maronick

Vice President of Business Development


Miranda Sharp

Director of Operations & Project Manager


Damon Williams

Director of Information Technology


Charlie Curtin

Client Development Manager


Kristi Harrington

Trial Consultant & Mediator


Amanda Panagakis

Senior Trial Consultant

image (4)

Caroline Mason

Jury Research Analyst & Project Manager


Brook Klussmann

Associate Trial Consultant & Project Manager


Adrian Egolf

Trial Consultant 

Justin Boone Headshot

Justin Boone

Project Manager & A/V Technician

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Melissa Kienzle

Human Resources Director & Jury Recruiter

image (2)

Lisa Pulkrabek

Jury Recruiter


Judy Berreth

Jury Recruiter


Trish Seidel

Jury Recruiter


Laurie Schumacher

Jury Recruiter


Teresa McKeown

Jury Recruiter


Kelly Schauer

Jury Recruiter


Sheri Reems

Jury Recruiter


Giving Back


Starting in 2023, First Court has teamed up with Pledge 1% in order to give back to our communities. Each year, our team decides which charities we will be donating 1% of First Court's yearly profit to. If you would like to learn more about Pledge 1% and how they encourage giving back to the community, click here.