How to Apply

The first step toward becoming a First Court juror is to complete our online application form. We will contact most of those who register to conduct a brief interview and answer any questions about the process. Everyone who applies will be notified by phone or email whether or not they have been chosen to be a juror.Apply Now!

As a Juror

Over the past 32 years, First Court has investigated and resolved lawsuits in 49 states. We have worked with dozens of the country's most elite lawyers on both the plaintiff and defense sides, as well as many of the country's top insurance companies and corporations.

We hold half-day and full-day trials nationwide (both virtual and in-person), with jurors like you. On average, we hire 18 - 30 “regular” citizens from the county where the case is filed to serve as jurors.

For our online projects, you can participate from your own home, via Zoom.

Because the opinions that ultimately count the most in our civil justice system belong to the jurors, First Court has retained its focus on helping to evaluate and settle lawsuits based on the reactions of disinterested citizens. Although we work with experts in communication theory, the heart of our research and settlements has never been theory. Instead, our process centers on real lawyers, real witnesses and real jurors. You, as a juror, get to be a part of this exciting process and provide feedback crucial to the formation and presentation of the case.

As a Mediator or Arbitrator

First Court Mediation has become the preferred alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform for national insurance carriers and attorneys alike. With a history of mediating over 1,700 files with clients reaching a resolution over 80% of the time, it's no secret why First Court has become a top online mediation provider.

Our First Court team would like to extend an invitation for you to join our growing panel of Mediators and Arbitrators!

Apply to Be On Our Panel

If interested in partnering with First Court as a mediator or arbitrator, please reach out to us and will get back to you the next business day.

As an Employee

At First Court, you'll partner alongside some of the most professional prosecutors, mediators, and jurors to offer legal support services to law firms, insurance carriers, and corporations across the country. We bring competitive benefits to our clients by providing complete legal support at any point of the legal proceeding.

From our trial consultants and recruiters to project managers, we work on a national scale, think outside the box, and consider our coworkers to be friends. It's just the beginning. Exciting challenges lie ahead—new markets, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our core values and hard work, we’ll meet these challenges. If that sounds good to you, then we hope you’ll join us!