... with carefully recruited mock jurors from your venue who match your particular specifications. And we provide an advanced software platform built specifically for collecting feedback from jurors and optimizing the live client experience at mock trials and focus groups. First Court specializes in online research projects and takes care of everything from profiling and recruiting jurors who match your venue's exact demographic to getting (and keeping) them all connected using video conferencing and our proprietary Vulcan software, so you can see their feedback—including each jurors’ notes—in real time.





We split your jurors into multiple groups to deliberate simultaneously. Our RedZone team provides you with real time highlights and statistics, so you can stay focused on the action.


Our jurors generate plenty of data you can view in real-time using our Vulcan Interactive software.

But we know you are focused on your trial, so we make sure all the data, recordings, and transcripts are made available to you within twenty-four hours of the close of the event.

First Court supports your
individualized case needs

We have helped trial consultants nationwide gain invaluable feedback by providing a high level of insights and technical support.

First Court will give you the advantage you need to succeed!