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Why Clients Choose Us for JURY RESEARCH

  • Battle-tested. 32 years. All 50 states.
  • Focus on high-stakes lawsuits
  • Attorney friendly
  • Emphasis on winning in voir dire
  • Quality results under time constraints
  • Budget sensitivity

Why Clients Choose Us To SETTLE CASES:

  • We approach and schedule the opposing side
  • Proven processes - 85% success rate
  • Impasse breakers customized to each case
  • Cut-to-the-chase software - only pay mediation fee if necessary
  • A nationwide award-winning panel of mediators
  • We stick with your case until it settles


First Court supports your
individualized case needs

From the beginning of the case through its resolution, we have helped parties to disputes, litigators, and trial consultants nationwide resolve or win their cases by providing to quality ADR and Trial Consulting services.

Whether your case is seeking resolution or heading to trial, First Court will give your team the advantage they need to succeed!

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