First Court and Healthcare

First Court has a renowned, industry-leading panel of neutrals to resolve a variety of healthcare disputes. From out-of-network disputes to medical malpractice, to privacy and other contractual disputes, First Court has the ability to handle a billing dispute for less than $100 dollars to over $1 billion dollars. 

Our neutrals are highly trained, receiving HIPAA compliance training, AHLA certification, and other industry-standard compliance certificates and CLEs. 

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Specialized Expertise

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 11.32.58 AMFirst Court brings together a deep bench of arbitrators who are not only experts in ADR but also possess specific knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector. This expertise is crucial for understanding the complex legal, medical, and regulatory landscapes that underpin healthcare disputes. Their arbitrators are often seasoned professionals who may have backgrounds in healthcare law, medical practice, healthcare administration, or bioethics. This specialized knowledge enables them to grasp the nuances of cases involving medical malpractice, billing issues, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that all parties feel understood and fairly represented.

Tailored Arbitration Processes

First Court offers a tailored arbitration process that is specifically designed to address the unique needs of healthcare disputes. Recognizing the potential for high emotions and the sensitive nature of medical cases, their approach emphasizes confidentiality, impartiality, and a compassionate understanding of all parties' perspectives. The arbitration framework is designed to be flexible, allowing for adaptations based on the specifics of each case, whether it involves complex medical data, privacy concerns, or intricate insurance policies. This flexibility ensures that the resolution process is both efficient and respectful of the intricacies involved in healthcare disputes.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

First Court's arbitration process is streamlined compared to traditional litigation, significantly reducing the time and expense associated with resolving disputes. By providing a faster resolution pathway, First Court helps all parties avoid the costs and public exposure of court trials, while also minimizing the disruption to ongoing healthcare services and professional relationships.



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We also utilize many other highly qualified neutrals in our health law ADR.


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