First Court Mediation and Arbitration Has Become...

The preferred Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform for national healthcare parties, corporations, and attorneys over the last four years.

With over 1,700 cases mediated and clients reaching a resolution more than 90% of the time, it's no surprise that First Court has become one of the nation’s top virtual mediation providers!

Settlements By the Numbers

  • First Court ADR saves the client, on average, 30+ hours per case.

  • 1,700+ mediations facilitated nationwide

  • Over 90% have been settled

Proven Process

Expedited - 90 mins  $995/party


Half Day - 4 Hours $1500/party


Full Day - 8 Hours $2500/party

  • Flat fee pricing. Clients pay for results, not the number of hours it takes our Mediators to help reach a resolution.

  • First Court maintains an ever-expanding panel of top-tier Mediators from across the country.

  • First Court Mediators provide subsequent mediations at no additional charge, as well as follow-up and support for the lifetime of your case.

First Court Does All The Leg Work

From conveying your interest in scheduling a virtual mediation, to familiarizing your opponent with our process, First Court goes above and beyond other providers. 


Submit a case in under 60 seconds!

case-selector_16 (1)  *Clients self-report that First Court Mediation saves them, on average, over 30+ hours per claim.*

Safe Negotiations

You learn if your bottom line number will settle the case without compromising your negotiation position.

  • What parties offer versus what they will accept are two very different numbers.
  • First Court Mediation “cuts through the posturing” that is partially responsible for expensive, lengthy mediations.

First Court Mediation

Works for all case sizes, liability types, and stages of the lifecycle of a claim.

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Nationwide Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators

First Court provides its clients with access to the best panel of Mediators and Arbitrators in each major metropolitan area across the country. Employing those with expertise in a wide range of liability areas, First Court identifies and recruits only those individuals with exceptional credentials. We consistently monitor and update our panel to meet our clients’ growing needs.

Our National Panel

First Court is constantly adding excellent neutrals to our nationwide panel of mediators and arbitrators. If you are interested in joining our growing panel - please click here.


“Good pre-work. FirstCourt helped us get information from the plaintiff that we need to evaluate the claim. This would be a significant win and, frankly, should be what we ask for from ADR.”

Bob Mezzone - Hartford, CT

"This was our first time using First Court Mediation, and we are very satisfied with the process- particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Much more efficient than other meditations we have done in the past"

Dan Gelinas - Philadelphia, PA

"Great way to Negotiate"

Daniel Allen - Cleveland, OH

"Smooth process, convenient, mediator was very helpful"

Michael Klopfer - District Of Columbia, DC

"The speed of all-savings of time and money"

Randy Fry - Atlanta, GA

"The team at First Court was awesome. Friendly, professional, and helped get the job done"

Jeffrey James - Atlanta, GA

"Love the settlement tool"

Margolis Edelstein - Mount Laurel, NJ

The mediator's experience as an Atty. and former judge was extremely helpful."

Michael Mazon - Seattle, WA

"The settlement testing tool worked well for me and was fun and exciting. It resulted in a quicker (and less expensive) mediation than the normal kind."

Anthony Ranken - Wailuku, HI

"We finally motivated the plaintiff attorney to participate in resolving this case pre-litigation. Case settled."

Rebecca Boyle - IFNP, CA

"I liked how we didn't have to send a multi-page mediation brief, prep was a quick short explanation. First Court stayed with us and got this resolved"

Karl Goeken - EMC, IL

"The streamlined approach helps move settlement into a meaningful discussion zone without wasting a lot of time."

Nicholas Giuliano - Manhattan, NY

"It was extremely efficient and narrowed a typical all-day mediation conference to over an hour just by getting to the point with the numbers"

Jenni Bouchard - Tampa Bay, FL

"The entire process was simple and effective"

Theresa Penny - Spokane, WA

"The mediator was excellent. The mediation moved along at a good pace. The format was extremely user-friendly."

Leonard Chipkin - Brooklyn, NY

“Good pre-work. FirstCourt helped us get information from the plaintiff that we need to evaluate the claim. This would be a significant win and, frankly, should be what we ask for from ADR.”

Kelly Cumberworth, Tokyo Marine HCC

"The Mediator was experienced and very nice."

Mary Ganz - Seabrook, NH