Jury Research

To refine, evaluate, and settle lawsuits, First Court has a variety of fully customizable jury research and jury consulting services focused on providing the objective feedback you need to evaluate and resolve your high-stakes legal disputes.

Our services include:

  • Full or Multi-Day Private Jury Trials
  • Jury Reactions
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Add-Ons
    • Deliberations
    • Voir Dire

Jury Research Case Submission

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Over the Past 32 Years,

First Court has investigated and resolved lawsuits in all 50 states. We have worked with thousands of the country's most elite lawyers on both the plaintiff and defense sides, as well as many of the country's top insurance companies and corporations.

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If Your Case Necessitates

a one-of-a-kind approach, we will put together a tailored package to meet your requirements and time frame.

Our custom-built, proprietary software provides you with immediate results and live juror feedback. This objective feedback, coupled with the superior insights from our Trial Consultants, will enable you to make crucial modifications to your case presentation. Rest assured, that before entering the courtroom, you will be confident that you understand how a jury is likely to approach your case.

"First Court is a first class organization that provides an accurate portrait of how a jury might view the issues, lawyers, witnesses, and the law in a case."

Jim & Allen Summers - Memphis, TN

"Nobody Else even comes close to the astounding usefulness of your feedback."

Kevin Taylor - Denver, CO

Jury Research Services:

In-Person Private Jury Trials

A First Court Private Jury Trial is our premier jury research service and is appropriate for the most important cases. Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality objective feedback from a diverse group of jurors specific to your venue.

How it works:

We hire 25 proxy jurors from the venue and conduct a full-day mock trial, presenting the evidence and arguments of the case in a trial-like setting. We gather feedback throughout the day using our proprietary software and three separate jury deliberations and verdicts.

Our software and physical hardware setup provide you with immediate juror feedback and analysis, streamed live video of both the trial and deliberations, as well as live deliberation analysis to maximize the insights you are able to gather from jurors during the multiple live deliberations.


"The technology which connected the jurors and the attorneys in real time, i.e. our ability to read their notes and ongoing discussion was very helpful. I was also very impressed by First Court's ability to monitor juror feedback along the way so that you start developing a sense of which way a juror may be leaning and then using that information to create juror groups with diverse points of view which, inevitably, creates productive discussions during deliberations."

Ted Raynor - Chattanooga, TN

"Ease of execution, juror video feedback."

Ken Broda-Bahm - Denver, CO

First Court was super organized and responsive--they ran like a well-oiled machine. They were very pleasant to work with. The data collected and reporting on the proceedings from First Court on the Warm-Up and Mock Trial was extremely helpful, as was their analysis of the results and suggestions for trial presentation."

Jeff Muskopf - St. Louis, MO

"The process was very quick and everyone was very helpful throughout. The information was extremely helpful and I am glad I did the live deliberation."

Holly McCoy - Sacramento, CA

"Technology that allowed the jury to write instant thoughts as we were speaking, ability to see those thoughts real-time. Questions asked after each statement and ability to see juror responses."

Ashwin Madia - Minneapolis, MN

"I most appreciated all the feedback we received from individual jurors on specific subject matter questions. Was a useful tool several times during the actual trial when we had to make decisions about whether we would present certain specific evidence/testimony/argument. I also really appreciated the flexible options offered by First Court because it allowed us to do something quick, portable, and inexpensive without any large sacrifice in the information gathered."

Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

"The professionalism and assistance I received. The finished product was great. The feedback was invaluable."

Insurance Professional - Austin, TX

"I have been an assistant in the courtroom in Texas Federal Courts since 1999 and I have always felt that it was important to make "jurors" feel comfortable. When a certain comfort level is achieved, people tend to open up more and become involved. When they are more involved they give more thought to what is being asked of them and it becomes important to them that they make an informed and well-thought-out decision. I have found that some people even have a tendency to change their mind about certain stigma once another view, one they have not thought of before, is logically explained to them. It was very evident that Mike, Will and everyone involved did their best to make each and every "juror" feel comfortable and important, considering the amount of time that can be given to a project like this one. Every juror seemed to feel included and "thoughtful" (in that word's literal sense). This is not an easy task when you are dealing with such a diverse group of people. I wish we could be as informal in a real courtroom."

Tony Seay - Lufkin, TX

“Good pre-work. FirstCourt helped us get information from the plaintiff that we need to evaluate the claim. This would be a significant win and, frankly, should be what we ask for from ADR.”

Kelly Cumberworth, Tokyo Marine HCC

Jury Reactions

Jury Reactions is a self-paced, online trial that allows you to obtain detailed feedback from real people in the trial venue without the time and expense of traditional research methods. This is jury research for astute clients. It is easy and cost-effective online jury research.

How it works:

Your team submits the key parts of your case including relevant exhibits, documents, testimony, and arguments. We hire local jurors to go through the presentation and provide feedback as they go. They respond to key questions by text and by using their webcam, so you can see their faces and hear their voices as they answer.




  • Deliberation

Observing how a juror's opinions interact with those of the other jurors is often important to case strategy. Since JuryReactions is a self-paced service, it does not include juror deliberations. If deliberation dynamics are an important factor in your case, you can add one or more live deliberations to your case.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable cost: high quality research starting at $10,000
  • Objective data in abundance: get objective feedback on fault, causation, and damages
  • Learn what jurors need to hear while discovery is still open
  • Test anticipated expert conclusions before hiring a single expert
  • Reveal what lay people really think of the key witnesses
  • Push the envelope: test edgy arguments for both sides
  • Simply test multiple arguments with unbiased jurors
  • Zero scheduling hassles: prepare your presentation and view results at your convenience
  • Extremely effective tool at the negotiation table
  • Simple to initiate

Online Focus Groups

First Court online focus groups enable us to test theories, themes, and storylines in a condensed, yet fully interactive jury research session that is both timely and cost-effective.

  • Limitless visual capabilities: Present exhibits, videos, & other visual aids.
  • Evidence analyzer powered by AI: Automatically takes notes & watches jurors.
  • Virtual simulation of the courtroom environment with interactive avatars representing live jurors.
  • Live attorney presentations & jury deliberations.
  • Real-time results: Fully-customized questionnaires & polling, including presentation feedback.
  • Detailed reports featuring case evaluation, theme development, and jury profiles.


Voir Dire Option

Effective jury selection is a critical component of any lawsuit that goes to trial, and it is a skill that today's litigators have less opportunity to practice than ever before.

The Voir Dire option can be added onto any of First Court's Jury Research Services.

Here is an example of how this Voir Dire option would work for a Jury Reactions case:

Before the jurors complete the self-paced trial in a JuryReactions case, an attorney can practice asking voir dire questions. After hearing the answers and responses from jurors, we let attorneys strike jurors. Once the JuryReactions trial is complete and the individual and group verdicts are finalized, attorneys can see if they chose to eliminate the correct jurors. This practice can be invaluable in the courtroom during a civil trial.