Interested in gaining crucial insights so that you are prepared for Trial?

Some of the nation’s top Attorneys have turned to First Court seeking insights, perspectives, and fine-tuning of their trial arguments through our Jury Research. When preparing for a trial–whether in person or virtually–it is critical to collect the necessary information prior to delivering your argument. First Court provides the objective feedback you need to evaluate and resolve your high-stakes legal disputes.

First Court provides a number of customizable in-person and virtual Jury Research Services to meet your company’s specific needs. Each service uses insightful analysis, sophisticated custom-built software, and qualified experts to ensure that our clients feel prepared and confident when it comes time to present their claim.




Interested in saving time through a quicker case resolution?

As an Attorney, you need research to back your claims. While juggling a million other things, setting aside time to delve into the nitty-gritty details of the case and to practice your presentation for trial can be tricky, but our team will help you to make this a priority. With our in-depth research in hand, you will be able to meet your opponent at either the negotiation table or the trial with confidence!

We at First Court have superior software and consulting services for insightful Jury Research and innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We have worked with Attorneys across the country, helping get both parties to the negotiation table to resolve the case. As an objective 3rd party, First Court’s only goal for the case is RESOLUTION!

Attorneys nationwide have used our ADR Services to help resolve disputes across the case lifecycle spectrum: from pre-suit matters to claims at the courthouse steps. We have resolved cases in 49 states, all levels of complexity, over 25 liability types, and at all stages of the case lifecycle.



Trial Consultants

Looking for a partner
in technological support?

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have partnered with numerous Trial Consultants to provide valuable, quality service to their clients. While many Trial Consultants are trying to handle the shift to online trials, First Court has been operating in this virtual arena since 2012. With First Court's sophisticated, proprietary software, we would love to become your partner.

Rather than investing extensive time and money into their own software development, our Trial Consultant clients focus on their value-added skillset and hire First Court to do the rest! Our in-person and virtual Jury Research Services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Some Consultants need more extensive assistance on a case (such as juror recruiting, facilitation of the online trial, facilitation of deliberation rooms, etc.) and others simply need our proprietary trial/analytics software.

Whatever your needs, First Court is here as a partner to help you offer exemplary service to your clients. Schedule a call with Joe to find a solution to your needs!

"The report I get at the end of a First Court private trial is consistently excellent. It includes plenty of valuable data, and always has good ideas and suggestions, sometimes brilliant!"

Mark P. Scheer - Seattle, WA

"The detailed report provided at the end provided significant information from each juror and the group deliberations and provided a context in which we could better understand why they had the opinions they did."

Kelly Cumberworth - Houston, TX

"Very well organized and great staff and tech."

Scott Sirich - Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Great mock jury experience, would use again on another complex or high exposure litigation."

Adam Philpott - Orange County, FL

"I thought the ability to select an engaged group of people who matched the demographics of the potential jury was spectacular. I thought the First Court team did a great job in directing the event."

Craig Robichaux - Mandeville, LA

"Great job. Would definitely recommend First Court. Thank you."

Thomas Lyman - Chicago, IL

"Very well organized."

Allen Sang - Orange County, FL