What could you accomplish with 10 free hours?

 Settling a six figure personal injury case in an hour probably seems impossible to those in the legal profession who have not yet enjoyed the benefits of First Court's 1 Hour Mediation

We want more people to benefit from efficiently resolving disputes, so we occasionally share the feedback we receive from our clients. Lindsay Wilz is a forward-thinking personal injury attorney at the Maring Williams Firm in Bismarck, ND who recently resolved a major oilfield injury case using 1 Hour Mediation. Here's what Lindsay had to say about her experience negotiating with us:

Lindsay Wilz

What did you like the most?

"The cost and time of the mediation was helpful and attractive. To have everyone participate from his/her respective locations helped immensely with the expense of a mediation. It was also much easier to schedule the mediation when you don't have travel concerns or an all day event. I found the logistics of this type of mediation to be much more practical to how cases are handled and the geographically diverse nature of personal injury cases."

How many legal hours did this service save for you?

"A minimum of 10 hours"

For this mediation Lindsay's client was in Colorado, the insurance adjuster negotiated from Chicago, and they were all able to reach a resolution without the cost and annoyance of interstate travel or a whole day reserved on the calendar. Thank you Lindsay trusting us to help resolve this case for your client!

I have two young children and a growing business, and finding 10 extra minutes in a day is rare. I'm sure you are just as busy - what could you accomplish with 10 free hours? 

- Joe 

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