First Court No Travel Mediation

Proven Results

First Court Mediation has earned a proven track record of excellent outcomes - the numbers tell the story:
  • More than 3 of 4 cases mediated are settled
  • Proven process
  • Clients save an average of 23+ hours per case
  • National success: Used in 48 states and counting
  • In 2020 First Court Mediations yielded a 90%+ settlement rate
Nationwide Panel Of The Nations Best Neutrals


First Court Clients

First Court is continually adding great neutrals to its panel of nationwide mediators.

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Both sides gain a critical understanding of how large or small their disagreement is, without compromising their negotiating position by putting a number on the table that the other side can use as leverage. The result? Faster resolutions, with no risk.



You can close your file before the trial costs really escalate. Even if there is an impasse, you gain the peace of mind that you are not wasting tens of thousands of dollars preparing for a trial that isn't going to happen.  The result? Your litigation expenses plummet. 



We start each negotiation by finding out how close your bottom line number is to the other side, and harness the power of a deadline to get real, real quick.  The result? No more days wasted travelling and waiting for the mediator to shuttle numbers. 

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