Win Jury Selection, Win at Trial - Juror Background Research by First Court

 Many trials are won or lost in voir dire, yet it's often cited as the least predictable part of litigation. We want to reduce that risk and help clients win at this critical stage, so we developed a powerful way for you to learn the characteristics of your good and bad jurors, practice your questions with real laypeople in advance, and enter public voir dire knowing every possible bit of information about the people in your jury pool.

We use powerful AI to find information on voter registration, employment, legal history, social media and more. We can get you this detailed information on your entire jury pool in a matter of hours, and help you and your team know ALL the details that you wouldn't always uncover in voir dire.

Factors example

Equipped with that detailed information, our team works with you to rate prospective jurors, and compose voir dire questions to dig deeper on specifics. 

Rating example

This detailed comprehensive background is most useful when preceded by our industry leading online or in person mock jury research. This powerful one-two punch allows you to present your case to average lay people from your trial venue, and gather detailed feedback - what they find persuasive, what bothers them, and how you can improve. Most important, you learn the characteristics of your dream and nightmare jurors for this specific fact pattern and venue. 

Want to do a dry run of your voir dire before trial? First Court can also make that happen. We can build this into your mock trial, or run a simple rehearsal with our mock jurors. 

When you get to your public voir dire, you can then cross-reference the background characteristics of your prospective jurors with your mock juror profiles. There is no better way to mitigate the risk of adverse jurors, and give yourself the best possible group in the box.


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