Voir DIre Rehearsal

confirm who you want in the box - before picking your jury

Voir dire is the most important part of any jury trial... yet attorneys often rely on intuition or conventional wisdom to guide their presentation and use their strikes. First Court's rehearsal gives you a realistic format for practicing your voir dire with real people from the trial venue.

You harvest the intuitions of your trial team on the kinds of jurors you should strike. You see what works and what doesn’t work for jury selection. You enter your public trial equipped to win.

Voir Dire Rehearsal

How it works:

  1. First Court recruits ten jurors, usually a good cross-section from your trial venue.
  2. These jurors agree to answer questions in front of their webcam for three hours.
  3. A lawyer for each side appears by video and sees each of the ten jurors on a grid-style screen - Think "Hollywood Squares".
  4. First Court introduces the Basic Facts of the case. The plaintiff attorney conducts voir dire to the panel, and to individual jurors. This usually lasts one hour. We then introduce defense counsel, who repeats for another hour.
  5. Our entire trial team notes which jurors they like, which they dislike, and why.
  6. Finally, we put your intuitions to the test by seeing how the jurors that you picked actually respond to the case. We have two tools to accomplish this:
    1. The ten jurors complete an online version of the trial in our Jury Reactions format. Their individual reactions help us to determine the kinds of life experiences and attitudes we most need to avoid in selecting a public jury; and/or
    2. We bring together in one video conference room three plaintiff jurors and three defense jurors for a two-hour face-to-face deliberation. You watch the deliberations unfold in real time.

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