Powerful, Cost-effective Jury Research - Introducing Three Hour Trial by First Court

We have helped thousands of clients win better outcomes in their lawsuits using our Private Jury Trial service over the last three decades. Woven into that success, we have heard two needs from our clients that we cannot meet with an all-day, in-person trial: 1) It's not cost effective for smaller cases, and 2) Because of the cost and time commitment, it's likely they can only do it once in a given case... even as the case evolves and new questions arise. 

We heard your needs loud and clear, and created Three Hour Trials as a solution. We've taken our powerful technology and insightful counsel, and built them into a flexible, cost-effective package that opens up jury research for a much wider range of cases, and more uses within any given case. Our objective juror feedback generates exceptional ROI throughout the litigation lifecycle by focusing discovery, improving outcomes at the negotiating table, and preparing to win at trial. 

Here's how it works:


A Three Hour Trial allows your trial team to get comfortable presenting your case to jurors - before you step into the courtroom. It helps you learn how jurors react to the key witnesses and themes in your case, and what you should change. It gives everyone on your litigation team the same objective understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your case, and exactly what you need to do to win the best possible outcome.

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