Choose a side, and start negotiating!

In this scenario, your goal is to settle for $1 million. So if you negotiate as a Plaintiff, start at $2 million, and work your way down. If you negotiate as a Defendant, start a $200,000 and work your way up. You will be very cold at the beginning, but try testing lots of numbers, and watch how the thermometer gets warmer when you and your opponent both have a new number in the system. To start over, simply refresh your page. 


What happens when you enter a number? 

The thermometer simultaneously shows both sides a temperature reading indicating whether the gap between their numbers is large or small, whether your settlement prospects are cold, or warm.   These visual comparisons safely build confidence in your settlement prospects. . . without revealing a single one of your numbers to the other side. You don’t get to see the other side’s number. But you do see how each of YOUR numbers compared to a number from the other side.