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How to win (or defend) a billion dollar verdict

Nov 8, 2019 3:55:32 PM / by Mike Liffrig posted in Jurors, Voir Dire, Advocacy, Jury Research, Emotion, Law, jury trial, voir dire rehearsal, jury selection, North Dakota


First Court has helped our clients to win some of the biggest cases in recent judicial history. 

Four years ago, our research assisted the defendants in the Aurora Theatre shooting civil case in winning a defense verdict. 

Recently, we helped the plaintiff victims of a drunk driver win a record verdict of more than $1 billion to compensate for the death of two young women and catastrophic injuries to a third. 

We have compiled and shared the key lessons from these landmark decisions for advocates on either side of a case with big verdict potential:

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Win Jury Selection, Win at Trial - Juror Background Research by First Court

Mar 11, 2019 4:59:59 PM / by Joe Liffrig posted in Voir Dire, Jury Research, Focus Group, innovation, jury trial, voir dire rehearsal, jury selection, online jury research


 Many trials are won or lost in voir dire, yet it's often cited as the least predictable part of litigation. We want to reduce that risk and help clients win at this critical stage, so we developed a powerful way for you to learn the characteristics of your good and bad jurors, practice your questions with real laypeople in advance, and enter public voir dire knowing every possible bit of information about the people in your jury pool.

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How Jurors Value Less-Visible Injuries

Jan 24, 2019 1:41:40 PM / by Joe Liffrig posted in Jury Research, Focus Group, Witness, Testimony, Emotion, innovation, jury trial, jury selection

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We recently completed a private jury trial in a major motor vehicle collision, and learned some fascinating lessons about how jurors value less visible injuries such as cognitive impairment.

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Powerful, Cost-effective Jury Research - Introducing Three Hour Trial by First Court

Dec 14, 2018 9:54:22 AM / by Joe Liffrig posted in Jurors, Jury Research, Focus Group, innovation, jury trial, jury selection, three hour trial, online jury research


We have helped thousands of clients win better outcomes in their lawsuits using our Private Jury Trial service over the last three decades. Woven into that success, we have heard two needs from our clients that we cannot meet with an all-day, in-person trial: 1) It's not cost effective for smaller cases, and 2) Because of the cost and time commitment, it's likely they can only do it once in a given case... even as the case evolves and new questions arise. 

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