Test. Re-test. Win.

The key to unlocking powerful, objective insights in any case? Our flexible Jury Reactions research format. 

Jury Reactions is:

  • Repeatable: you can economically test different arguments or evidence with fresh panels of jurors 
  • Flexible:
    • You can get feedback early in a case to help evaluate your settlement position, and come to mediation armed with value-changing feedback from jurors in the trial venue. 
    • In Discovery, you can try different witnesses to see what resonates - or even try projected expert testimony - at a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert... only to see them fall flat in the courtroom. 
    • Fine tune your trial themes and arguments in front of real laypeople, before you get in front of a public jury. 
  • Cost effective: We want to help you rethink the type and size of case that can benefit from jury research. Jury Reactions allows you to develop powerful insights for less than $10,000. 

Download an example of a research report from a real case to see the type of powerful insights that we can produce for your case.