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What does First Court do?
Watch the video below to see an overview of our ADR Services.

In the last 3 years, First Court Mediation has become the preferred alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform for national insurance carriers and attorneys alike. Mediating over 1,700 files, with clients reaching a resolution over 80% of the time, it's no secret why First Court has become the nation's #1 virtual mediation provider.

Our First Court team is growing and will be hiring the following positions in the near future. If you are a quick study and genuinely enjoy talking to people on the phone or via Zoom, this position would likely fit you nicely. Please read through each role and apply below if you are interested in joining our innovative team!

Sales Professional:

     A sales professionals is driven, persuasive, assertive, efficient and outgoing. He/she must have a solid understanding of First Court's Alternative Dispute Services (ADR) services and processes. He/she is responsible for convincing potential clients to trust First Court and its proven services to successfully resolve each submitted case. This sales process involves a lot of client interaction through our CRM system, phone calls, emails, and Zoom meetings.

    The sales professional will work hand-in-hand with First Court ambassadors throughout the process. This will help to provide an excellent experience for our clients while providing great opportunities to build positive and helpful relationships of real substance.


An ambassador is curious, and outgoing. He/she learns a lot about each client’s professional life. Through a regular flow of helpful gifts and thoughtful tips, they have routine discussions with their 50+ clients. An ambassador asks questions. He/she comes to know what particular challenges each client faces, their difficult cases and personalities, and each client’s goals.

In order to build relationships, an ambassador must be knowledgeable of First Court’s services/solutions; including both ADR and Jury Research services. An ambassador will work hand-in-hand with sales professionals to help facilitate the ADR process. These practical tasks will help provide great opportunities to build positive relationships of real substance.

If interested in an exciting, future opportunity with First Court, please fill out an application by clicking the button below:

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