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Predict, monitor, adapt

Three Powerful Trial-Time Tools

Armed with the latest cutting edge tools, First Court offers the following services:

  • Voir Dire Rehersal
  • Jury Picking
  • Shadow Jury

Effective jury selection is a key part of any lawsuit that is going to trial, and a skill that today's litigators get to practice less than ever before.

For a small additional fee, an attorney can practice asking voir dire questions to the group of JuryReactions jurors by video conference. This practice can be invaluable in the courtroom during a civil trial.

The lawyer can select which jurors he or she would strike from the panel before the jurors complete the online JuryReactions. When your team get the results of the JuryReactions, you can see if you would have kept the"right" jurors on the panel for your case.

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Win before you begin

We can come to your courtroom to help you pick your public jury. We can also help you shape and sharpen your Opening statement.
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Powerful insights

learn how your trial is being perceived

We can hire a group of jurors to come to your public courthouse, listen to the openings, and give you feedback all trial long.
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