Impactful Jury Research

Don't guess how jurors will react to your case

Listen to this juror reacting to witness testimony in a recent Jury Reactions trial - If this gentleman was on your jury, would you want to know how he reacted to your case... before the public trial started? 

You can gain incredibly powerful insights from our jury research, in a cost effective format that works for a wide range of cases. 

Jury Reactions is:

  • Repeatable 
    • you can economically test different arguments or evidence with fresh panels of jurors 
  • Flexible
    • You can get feedback early in a case to help evaluate your settlement position, and come to mediation armed with value-changing feedback from jurors in the trial venue. 
    • In Discovery, you can try different witnesses to see what resonates - or even try projected expert testimony - at a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert... only to see them fall flat in the courtroom. 
    • Fine tune your trial themes and arguments in front of real laypeople, before you get in front of a public jury. 
  • Priced to fit 
    • We want to get this tool in your hands, even if your case doesn't have a huge budget. We can work with a standard invoicing arrangement, or conduct research under a contingency agreement to earn a small share of the recovery. 

Register to be sent a sample copy of a jury research report. This report contains a de-identified presentation from a real research project, and includes the actual feedback from the mock jurors in this case.  This will help you visualize the real, powerful insights that we can produce for you on your next case! If you are ready to learn more about Jury Reactions, give us a call at (855) 908-9089, or schedule a call here:

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