Connect pain with dollars using the law

We recently helped the plaintiff victims of a drunk driver win a record verdict of more than $1 billion to compensate for the death of two young women and catastrophic injuries to a third.

With minor variations, the law in every state requires that damages fairly compensate plaintiffs for all damages, economic and non-economic. The definition of compensable non-economic damages tends to include a litany of items ranging from pain and suffering to humiliation. Detailing how an injury has caused damages in each of those distinct categories is a powerful way for plaintiffs to win big non-economic damages. Associating injuries with the letter of the law, and arriving at bigger amounts by combining many smaller ones makes large awards much more reasonable in juror’s minds.

In our $1 billion case, the law said that the plaintiff should be compensated for a wide range of non-economic damages, and the facts were that the deaths and devastating injuries in this case had caused grievous losses in many ways.

Download the template that we used to illustrate this concept for jurors, and contact us when you re ready to discuss how we can help you win at your next trial.