Brian Steckler


Director of ADR Operations




After a stint of playing professional basketball in the US and abroad, Brian began his career with First Court in 2019.

Today, Brian is the Director of ADR Operations at First Court. When he is not working as a project manager, Brian is finding talented mediators and trial consultants and building client relationships. 


What’s your favorite thing about working at First Court? 

The Friday afternoon happy hour in the "Fun and Sun" room with the rest of the team.


What are two fun facts about you?

I am an avid sneaker collector, and I played some professional basketball in a previous life.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I've traveled quite a bit but would love to visit the Holy Land.


What's your biggest dream?

I would like to own a restaurant.


What would you order at a coffee shop?

Large Vanilla Latte (Venti)


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