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Case Closed: Surprisingly streamlined settlement in serious case

Jul 15, 2019 9:58:36 AM / by Joe Liffrig posted in case study, 1 Hour Mediation, Settlement Case Studies, Settlement, Online Dispute Resolution, Law, Ohio, Motor Vehicle Accident, Pennsylvania


We recently mediated a six-figure settlement of a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident with some uniquely challenging dynamics.

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How to define “Bad Faith” for Jurors

Jun 3, 2019 3:30:08 PM / by Mike Liffrig posted in Advocacy, Jury Research, Testimony, Emotion, Law, Experts, bad faith


First Court recently completed jury research projects on a handful of bad faith cases, and developed some insight on how jurors understand and interpret the concept of bad faith. Since this can be a tricky topic for regular people to understand, we’ve shared a few insights on what we learned, and how to effectively communicate the important points to the laypeople in the jury box.

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How Jurors Work: Emotions Lead the Law

Oct 17, 2018 10:49:27 AM / by Mike Liffrig posted in Jurors, Jury Research, Emotion, Law

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Consider this fact pattern and outcome from a case we recently worked on: Plaintiff rear-ends trailer pulling a large load of logs. I repeat: Plaintiff rear-ends defendant. But the jurors assign most of the blame to the defendant… who was rear-ended.

Juror's Feedback:
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