Walkaway Rating for 1 Hour Mediation

It's difficult for negotiators to evaluate their case objectively. We recognize the challenge, but want to recognize - and reward - the very best, most objective negotiators. What is the one objective measure of the “true” value of a case? The final award or settlement amount! Therefore, when a case is resolved, we compare the last number each negotiator tested in the Thermometer to the final settlement number;  that gives us an objective rating number showing how well that negotiator evaluated and tested that particular case.

Wouldn’t you like to know this kind of objective information... before you commit to negotiating with someone? We thought you would! Old fashioned, bombastic negotiators can stick with traditional mediation, and spend all day in a stuffy room trading unrealistic numbers. We would rather work with candid professionals who can objectively value their cases... and let them reap the benefits!

How does it work?

Every 1 Hour Mediation starts with Settlement Testing, where First Court algorithms confidentially compare demands and offers. We keep track of the last, most conciliatory number that you test... then compare that number to the final settlement number when the case is actually resolved.

We calculate these numbers as a percent (e.g. if you are Plaintiff whose last testing demand was $100,000, and case goes on to settle for $90,000, your Walkaway Rating would be 90000/100000, or 90%). Your rating is completely objective, and your rating is really up to you...we just do the math.

How is the Walkaway Rating used?

Your rating is personal. It’s not about your firm or your company, it’s about how earnestly you personally negotiate. A high rating proves that you know how to evaluate a case, and reflects your history of candid negotiations with First Court.

Your rating is only disclosed when you ask us to schedule a mediation. We will share your rating with the other side when we invite them to close a case in 1 Hour Mediation. This creates a wonderful opportunity for straightforward, effective negotiators to quickly and efficiently close their files.

Ready to get started? Submit a case for 1 Hour Mediation to earn your first Walkaway Rating!

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