Introducing First Court Online Academy

First Court’s approach to ADR is unique, and if you are new to working with us, it may initially feel new and uncomfortable.

The good news is that 1 Hour Mediation is incredibly simple, and actually requires far LESS preparation than a traditional mediation. There are no lengthy statements, no travel planning, and no bluffing. Our approach removes all of that unnecessary complexity.

Since 1 Hour Mediation is incredibly simple—yet different from what most negotiators are accustomed to—we developed a short training to get new users up to speed. We want to make sure that our clients enter negotiations on a level playing field whether it is their first or fiftieth 1 Hour Mediation. We also key in on some bad habits that many people have picked up from traditional ADR, and offer some suggestions for a better way to negotiate.

In about 15 minutes, you can learn the basics of our approach, practice using our tools, and answer a handful of questions to confirm that you understand how we work. Upon completion, you will earn a certificate as a First Court-trained negotiator, showing First Court and opposing negotiators that you are ready to quickly and efficiently close files in 1 Hour Mediation.

Ready? Go to, and choose “1 Hour Mediation” to get started!

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